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LeanScope Educational

Requirements Management for UX & CX Professionals

LeanScope Educational leads interdisciplinary teams in analysing user needs, creating customer journey maps and defining user stories. Become an expert in the development of truly human-centered requirements.

Ready for all UX & CX Requirements


User Story 2.0

Profit from our user booklet method: Collect all design artifacts "vertically" based on a user story and track their current status by means of a freely adaptable kanban board. Analyze the interactions and touchpoints of your users and customers with the help of the automatically generated customer journey map.

Thrilling Storytelling

Tell your stakeholders exciting stories that promote a common understanding of the project. Design stakeholders & personas together, create visual scenarios and share them thanks to various export functions.

Active Exchange

Use our open source json data format for easy integration into your landscape of development tools. Or convince your superiors with automatically generated powerpoint presentations.

Knowledge & Tool in one


Requirements Management, but Human Centered

Learn to identify and verify essential user needs from personas & scenarios and to develop realizable user stories from them. Track the status of each individual requirement and link design artifacts such as concept ideas, wireframes or specifications to it.

ONE Procedure: Continuous UX

LeanScope Educational gives you a clear structure and a consistent vocabulary, so that your interdisciplinary processes are ideally intertwined and based on sound UX & CX approaches. These fundamentals have been developed in collaboration with award-winning UX service provider Centigrade based on years of experience with Lean UX and Continuous UX.


Want to learn more about managing and implementing human-centric projects?

Package Overview


LeanScope Educational including one-hour live tutorial, sample content and technical support.

starting at 75 € per user/month

Everything that Knowledge offers, plus the accompanying acquisition of knowledge and competence thanks to tailor-made Centigrade UX Academy training courses.

Subscription price on request

Everything Empower offers,
plus server-side functions for automatic generation
of HTML pages. Additional individual project consulting in specific workshops.

Subscription price on request



Testimonials of UX & CX Professionals


Matthias Stegmeier

UX Designer at Heidelberg Mobil International GmbH

With LeanScope we are able to keep our personas present and alive for the entire team. We make personas a constant part of our entire development process.

Linda Schmidt

Head of UX at ifm electronics GmbH

Thanks to LeanScope’s local file storage, we keep full ownership of all our sensitive UX & CX Research artifacts.

LeanScope Educational Presentation


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